The door has been closed for many weeks. A teenager has locked himself in - shutting out a helpless father, mother and sister. In Japan, youths like him have already been given a name: Hikikomori (the secluded).




The phenomenon is also beginning to spread throughout the Western world. This is all the family has been able to find out. All they can do is stand in front of the locked door and ask, beg, implore, throw tantrums, despair, accuse, ignore and hope. All the while, the door increasingly becomes a mirror of their own lives.



Different Kinds of Rain is a powerful portrait of the so-called Generation Z, the Digital Natives. They aspire to achieve the perfect public image, an immaculate life, and they are paralyzed by the abundance of possibilities and supposed mistakes.




World Premiere: 

November 28, 2017

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Theatrical Release Germany:

March 29, 2018


Genre: Drama

Runtime: 91 minutes

Color: Color

Director: Isabel Prahl

Producer: Melanie Andernach

Scriptwriter: Karin Kaci

DOP: Andreas Köhler

Cast: Bjarne Mädel, Bibiana Beglau, Louis Hofmann, Emma Bading, Janina Fautz



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