Wagner Hearing Training

Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin)



Sebastian Baumgarten





An interdisciplinary music theatre on the subject of Wagner


Richard Wagner's complete work of art "The Ring of the Nibelung", with its four-part form, still poses a challenge to music theatre today. As a long-term preparation for a new production of the work, the director Sebastian Baumgarten planned a "Hearing Training" in the Berlin theatre Hebbel am Ufer, using readings and concert performances to approach the composer. In the centre stood the question of what relevance the political and economic ideas of the Nibelung material still have today.


"We are examining the cultural phenomenon of Wagner and his composition technique", explained Baumgarten. Together with the artist Anselm Franke, he invited guests to the Berlin theatre Hebbel am Ufer, where Wagner was listened to and discussed. Hauschka appeared as part of the Wagner Hearing Training together with mapstation.


Artistic Direction: Sebastian Baumgarten, Anselm Franke

Stage Design: Natascha von Steiger

Participants: Friedrich Kittler, Robert and Ronald Lippok (To Rococo Rot), Stefan Schneider (Mapstation), Dieter Thomä, Roman Trekel, Ludger Schwarte,  Hans-Jürgen Omers, Nicolas Siepen, Gerd Rienäcker, Rechenzentrum (Marc Weiser and Lillevan), Andrew Pekler, Hauschka

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