The Flying Dutchman

Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg



Sebastian Baumgarten





The Ballad of the Flying Dutchman with motifs from Hauff, Heine, Hudtwalcker, Fitzball, Marryat and Wagner i.a. in the stage version by Sebastian Baumgarten and Jörg Bochow. The legend of the Flying Dutchman originated at the time when the Cape of Good Hope was successfully rounded for the first time and the seaway to India was found. Over the following centuries, a bitter, early-capitalist contest was fought, primarily between English and Dutch trading ships, to see who could travel this route the fastest and most efficiently. The central motif of the legend arose thereby: the curse in which the Dutchman swears not to give up, but to sail around the cape come what may, even if he is eternally damned for it. This curse is part of the collective memory of modern civilisation and its idea of progress. Sebastian Baumgarten's production returns the events – unlike Wagner – to their origins in South Africa. Here – in a fictional, future world – there is a colony of believers living a life of abstinence, simplicity and restraint. The image of the Dutchman serves as a portent, which fascinates Senta and leads to unrest in the community. Various fantasies and stories circle around the taboo figure, which then actually appears. Hauschka wrote a new piece of incidental music for this production, the artist and architect Joep van Lieshout developed the stage design.

Director: Sebastian Baumgarten

Dramaturgy: Jörg Bochow

Music: Hauschka

Stage Design: Joep van Lieshout

Costume Design: Jana Findeklee, Joki Tewes

Video: Stefan Bischoff

Lighting Design: Holger Stellwag

Cast: Andreas Grötzinger, Paul Herwig, Anne Müller, Sasha Rau, Götz Schubert, Aljoscha Stadelmann et al.

Press quotes

Die Deutsche Bühne online

"A challenging theatre evening, to whose effect Hauschka's tensely charged "play-along" incidental music made a significant contribution."


Hamburger Morgenpost

"In his production, the play, video projections and the (live) music fuse into a complete audiovisual work: an impressive spectacle."



"An easy-going, amusing, entertaining, thought-provoking and contextualising performance served with lavish theatrical media."


Kieler Nachrichten

"With this Dutchman figure, to whom Götz Schubert gives a virile expressive strength, Sebastian Baumgarten's production achieves the highest level of sensual presence."

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