Based on the award-winning short subject film, Henley which appeared in competition at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, The Boy is the first film of a planned trilogy tracking the childhood of a future serial killer, with installments depicting the character at ages 9, 14 and 18, respectively, and ending with his full transformation to an iconic mass murderer.

It’s the summer of 1989. 9-year-old Ted Henley (Jared Breeze) and his father John (David Morse) are the proprietors of the Mt. Vista Motel, a crumbling resort buried in the mountains of the American West. Since Ted's mother left, John has drifted into despondency - leaving Ted to fend for himself. In this isolation, unchecked by the bounds of parenting, Ted’s darker impulses begin to manifest. The arrival of a mysterious drifter, William Colby (Rainn Wilson), captivates young Ted and the two form a unique friendship - setting the stage for Ted’s final, unnerving metamorphosis.


This intimate portrait of a 9-year-old sociopath's growing fascination with death by director Craig Macneill has been produced by Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller and Elijah Wood (SpectreVision) and set to music by Hauschka.





 March 14, 2015 @ South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) 

 Category: Narrative Competition 

 Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller 

 Runtime: 105 min 

 Color: Color 


 Director: Craig Macneill 

 Executive Producer: Rainn Wilson, David Morse 

 Producer: Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller, Elijah Wood 

 Screenwriter: Craig Macneill, Clay McLeod Chapman 

 Cinematographer: Noah Greenberg 

 Editor: Craig Macneill 

 Production Designer: Thomas William Hallbauer 

 Sound Designer: Jeffery Alan Jones 

 Cast: David Morse, Rainn Wilson, Jared Breeze, Bill Sage,  Mike Vogel, Zuleikha Robinson, Aiden Lovekamp, David  Valencia 

 Music: Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka) 


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