Label: Karaoke Kalk – karaoke kalk cd 25

Format: CD, Album

Released: 23 February, 2004

“Substantial” is a snapshot of a life spent with the black and white keys, and is simultaneously both moment and history, thought and feeling, yet without turning into a unduly meaningful concept album. Rather, “Substantial” is based upon the least conceptual of all concepts: Improvisation. Each track is based upon an opening sequen- ce, the theme of which is extended, modulated and varied with, as far as form or length is concerned, no specific objective in mind. What has come out is music of a dif- fering, well, substance: Eleven atmospheric pieces in which a variety of different techniques overlap and rhythmical images with narrative depth unfold; in which further instruments, such as double bass or vibraphone make a fleeting appearance, at once lending a hint of pop, but at no time detracting from the piano as central instru- ment; in which experimental and electronic music is accessed without compromising the directness and ease of the improvisational approach.




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