"Make this your favourite T-Shirt that is made from more than cotton and memories."

This T-shirt is a part of a new chapter of sustainable production, innovation and design. Designed and manufactured from Continental Clothing Co who are not only socially responsible but also ensure sustainable manufacturing and printing, using organic certified fabrics whilst calculating their carbon footprints.


Screen printed in Düsseldorf, North West Rheinland the image presents HAUSCHKA nostalgia of the dystopian downtown - an old derelict Industrial building in Las Vegas. So you can be sure to wear this top with your heart on your sleeve or your shoulder that taps into the artisanal trend while remaining socially and environmentally conscious.


Extremely smooth, soft, breathable, light and comfortable, this scooped neck T-Shirt is a perfect addition to your casual look, made to become one of your favourites for many seasons to come!





Hauschka’s eighth album ‘What If’ is his best yet. The sound is unmistakably him, but more immediate and full-bodied than its predecessors. And despite this confidently direct new sound, paradoxically it’s also his most wild - organising chaos into a coherent, leftfield masterpiece.

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