Room to Expand

Label: Fat Cat

Format: CD, Album

Released: 26 February, 2007

As ‘Room To Expand’ shows, Hauschka´s resulting tracks are composed both originally and charmingly, forming vivid, unconventional pieces made through what Volker Bertelmann terms a playful ‘research-enthusiasm’.

Always assured and adventurous, the album flows beautifully, from the spritely, layered sprawl of the string-backed ‘La Dilettante’ to the ever-evolving growth of ‘One Wish’; the minimalist repetition and percussive noise of ‘Sweet Spring Come’ and the sparse, delicate beauty of ‘Kleine Dinge’ or ‘Old Man Playing Boules’. There’s a lovely sense of depth and balance to the album – skipping through a range of moods, each piece is animated with its own particular character, its own weight and feel.


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