Exodus is a feature length documentary that depicts the current scenario of global human dislocation, chiefly refugees. It tells intimate, dramatic stories of refugees from different parts of the world, who were followed over a period of 2 years.

Napuli, a political activist, had to flee South Sudan via Uganda to Germany, where she is fighting for the right to stay. Tarcha was born in Western Sahara, and had to flee to Algeria, in 1975, because of the Moroccan invasion, and has lived since then in refugee camps. Born in Syria, Dana arrived in Brazil via Turkey, and is desperate to reunite with her family in Canada, and Nizar, a Palestinian-Syrian, is on his journey from Brazil via Cuba to Europe, where he is hoping to find refuge and to bring his family. Bruno, from Togo, spent 9 years in German camps, until he was finally able to legalize his status there, and has helping other refugees since then. Lahtow and Mahka from Kachin, Myanmar, had to leave their homes due to the ongoing military conflict; though located amidst a war zone, Mahka faces the danger to visit his abandoned home with his family.






 Genre: Documentary 

 Cinema Version Duration: 105 min 

 TV Version Duration: 89 min 

Theatrical release in Germany: March 29, 2018. 



 Director: Hank Levine 

 Producers: Fernando Meirelles, Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Bel  Berlinck, Fernando Sapelli, Hank Levine 

 Editor: Katja Dringenberg 


 Cinematographers: Klaus Betzl, Yuri Salvador 

 Sound Department: Oscar Stiebitz 


 Music: Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka) 


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