Label: Temporary Residence - North America

Format: LP, Digital

Release: August 7, 2015

A NDO C Y is a continuation of the Abandoned City story, told as a tale of two sides. Side A features five tracks conceived during the Abandoned City sessions, a suite of songs that together form an exceptionally resonant whole.

As with Abandoned City, these songs owe as much to minimalist techno as modern composition, which makes them particularly conducive to remixes. On Side B, experimental folk icon Devendra Banhart distills Abandoned City standout, "Agdam", to barely-there, fractured clusters of solitary piano strikes and swelling synths. By comparison, Eluvium's transformation of "Stromness" sounds almost shockingly euphoric, all cascading waves of distortion washed over a plethora of plucked piano pings. Included as a special bonus download is a stunning live album recorded in Yufuin, Japan in late 2014. The 40-minute performance is split into two 20-minute improvisations built on themes from Abandoned City. It's a gorgeous glimpse of live Hauschka, a world where songs you think you know become entirely new works of art at the mercy of Bertelmann's whims.





"German composer Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka, has a story to finish. Last year, he released Abandoned City, a lush EP that sought to tell the tale of forgotten buildings and locales through instrumental music.”

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“Hauschka’s ‘Abandoned City’ bled neo-classical into minimal techno, reducing the piano’s role in composition to that of a wardrobe storing other instruments, making noises based on what object the notes compelled to move.”

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“In „Abandoned City“ gab der Klaviermusiker Hauschka letztes Jahr einigen der Geisterstädte dieser Erde ein musikalisches Gesicht.”

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