Abandoned City


Label: CitySlang/Temporary Residence

Format: CD,Vinyl,DoubleCD, Album,

Released: 17 March, 2014

The compositions on Abandoned City awaken the loneliness and unattainable romance of timeless, unfamiliar places, with cinematic melodies full of resonant overtones, bright cheerful keyboard patterns and dark percussive touches. The tracks all bear the names of actual vacant cities. Hauschka chose Abandoned City as the title of the album to convey the sense of hope and sadness that consumes him when he’s sitting alone at the keyboard. “I was interested in finding a metaphor for the inner tension I feel when I’m composing music, a state of mind where I’m lonely and happy at the same time,” Hauschka professes. “When I saw photos of abandoned cities, I felt it was perfect.”



"As Hauschka, Volker Bertelmann writes fairly plain piano music that winds up sounding bewilderingly elaborate. On his new Abandoned City, songs have a clumsy grace, eagerly tripping over themselves as they rush between frolicsome and ominous moods.”

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“The song titles for the experimental German musician's second solo release was inspired by photos of vacant cities and was recorded in 10 days in his home studio.”

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Last year, Volker Bertelmann (more commonly known as Hauschka) played a show at the Bristol Proms, a series of concerts designed to demonstrate to classical music audiences young and old that classical music was not dead, merely presented in the wrong way. 

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