On his new album, Hauschka  does away with his customary instrumental preparations to return to the pure piano.


 Label: Sony Classical

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl

Release Date: February 8, 2019

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An inexplicable, irreplaceable, and immortal bond exists between music and nature. Not only does nature conduct its own symphony of sounds, but it serves as a wellspring of inspiration for artists of all kinds. Hauschka - Volker Bertelmann -transmits the power of this bond on his 2019 full-length debut for Sony Classical, "A Different Forest". Once again embracing the passion, poise, and power of pure piano, he delivers thirteen compositions that immediately illustrate his virtuosity, vulnerability, and vitality.

The delicate piano of first single “Curious” courses through stark and spacious production. Each note rings out with intense emotionality and urgent power.

Elsewhere, lush tones and mysterious energy cover “Dew and Spiderwebs” like morning moss, depicting a silvery “vision of humidity in the woods.” On “Ghosts,” piano materializes like a midnight apparition between vacuous breaks that prove heartfelt and hypnotic. The six-minute-plus “Woodworkers” serves as an homage to his grandfather who worked as a smith and “family members who chopped wood to stay warm in winter”.

In the end, Hauschka takes listeners on a journey into an inner wilderness that feels equally familiar and thrilling.



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