Puppets - Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus


Kevin Rittberger



"yes, I know the feeling. when you let puppets go from their strings: they stagger a bit before they crumple to the ground. it must be possible to concentrate this energy somehow. it's a negative energy, a drop height, a plumping down, not at all graceful, a collapse. but nonetheless: a moment of clarity, when gravity pulls you down. it must be possible to transform it." puppets is set in a time of disintegration. Love, work, language are disintegrating. People still try to communicate with empty, interchangeable terms, express their doubts, set their nightmares free, fragments of the collective unconscious swash up to the surface. In the face of the coming collapse, only the tireless exposure of the weaknesses can bring about anything new. There cannot be power where there is no powerlessness. (Erich Mühsam, The Liberation of Society from the State)


Production: Kevin Rittberger

Stage: Jutta Zimmerman

Costumes: Janina Brinkmann

Composition: Hauschka

Music: Stefan Schneider

Video: Stefan Schneider/ Egbert Trogemann

Dramaturgy: Daniel Richter

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Rheinische Post

Westdeutsche Zeitung


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