Label: CITY SLANG - Europe and the United Kingdom

Format: Vinyl/Digital

Released: June 22, 2015

This limited editon vinyl LP documents two 20 minute improvisations that were recorded in Japan last year November and are very loosely based on his last album 'Abandoned City'.

The result is a captivating energetic stream of consciousness set to music. In parts this appears even more like a DJ set, you may dance!

The album will be available on June 22nd digitally and as a limited editon vinyl edition.


"Yufuin is a small picturesque town on the Japanese Island Kyushu. We arrived in the afternoon at the main station after a long train ride. After Yoshiyuki Tanigawa picked us up we drove all the way up into the mountains. At the center of a residential area we found a very modern museum called Artegio. We started to set up our equipment and tools around the concert piano in the middle of a room surrounded by only a handful of artifacts. It sounded just great right away. There was also a Cafe in the same house, I remember the relaxed atmosphere while ordering an espresso. They also sold homemade chocolate.We clipped 12 microphones to the Piano and used an additional stereo signal via a sub-mixer which I fused 3 different delays and included a bass drum sound created by a piano hammer.The mixing desk included a built-in recording option so the recording itself was a very spontaneous decision. We had only two tracks so it’s the same stereo-mix that the audience heard.When my sound engineer Michael Buchholz and I listened to the recording for the first time we immediately realized how special it was both musically and sound-wise, and it was then when I decided to make this recording available for everyone. It is a great experience to drive for several hours to a remote and modest place in the mountains of Kyushu only to find the ideal setting to record a piece of music so touching yet rough and spontaneous.Many thanks to Kazuki Tomita, who happens to take me to extraordinary places so often, thanks also to Yoshiyuki Tanigawa (CREEKS) who organized the concert and literally thought of everything.“

Volker Bertelmann / Hauschka Berlin May 2015



"German composer shares one of two improvisational pieces from his forthcoming live album”

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“Nur ganz vage lehnt diese Live-Aufnahme von Hauschka noch an sein letztes Album Abandoned City an, und entwickelt dabei ganz eigene, lautmalerische und improvisierte Klangwelten.”

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“Watching Hauschka play live is extraordinary. A classically trained exponent of "prepared piano"—prepared, in Hauschka's, case with everything from tinfoil and ping-pong balls to the occasional sex toy”

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